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Artist:HAP Grieshaber

Artist Initials:H.A.P.

Artist Details:Helmut Andreas Paul Grieshaber a German artist specialising in large woodcuts was born in Rot an der Rot in 1909. He went to school in Nagold later in Reutlingen and was apprenticed to the printing trade in Reutlingen. Studied art in Stuttgart and travelled extensively to Paris, London, Egypt, Arabia and Greece. Taught at the Bernsteinschule School of Art 1951-53 and 1955-60 at the Kunstakademie in Karlsruhe as successor to Erich Heckel. Honoured with numerous prizes and exhibitions including at the Documenta, 1959 and 1964 and many other museums in both parts of Germany. Died in Eningen Unter Achalm in 1981 at the age of 72.